A habitual hiccup of UI transformation

Driving product requires continuous vigilance, analysis and subsequent refinements. When this requirement doesn’t meet reality we often observe a product rebirth in the form of the “Big Bang” redesign. Even despite significant improvements we might end up with confused and frustrated users. This after effect usually comes along with a radical change of the product.

During this talk we will analyse the ‘epic fail’ of UI transformation of the famous social media giant and explain why it took place.

You will learn how habits play a key role in user experience and how to avoid tricky UI changes. We will also delve into human ‘features’ that are responsible for that phenomenon to understand how to make interface transformations smooth and effective!

Jeremi Walewicz Antonowicz

Jeremi is a UX Designer with 10 years of experience designing digital products ranging from simple web based applications to complex enterprise systems. He puts a great weight on human psychology and aesthetics to make products more intuitive, responsive and user friendly. Jeremi is based in Cork and works for Pilz, a leader in safety automation, who’s products ensure the safety of some of the biggest manufacturing processes in the world.

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