About Us

Our community is for anyone interested in User Experience, Product or Interface Design. People in related fields such as Developers, PMs and in other business areas are also very welcome to attend!
We meet once a month for coffee and chat followed by a presentation or workshop. Past speakers have included designers from Poppulo, McKesson and Google among other!

This website aims to create a HUB in which we will share experiences and documents from the Meetups

We will make all presentations, videos and/or other files available in our Resources page. Feel free to download them and share your thoughts with the community!

Our Organisation Team

See our people below! You can also connect with them. 

George Longwill


George has over 10 years experience in design, and have been creating websites since the early, dark and dial-up days of the internet. He’s currently working as UX/UI Designer within the SaaS industry.


Valeria Freire


Val has 8 years experience in Marketing and 10+ in design. She is passionate about providing great experiences to customers, and she’s currently working as a Marketing Manager within the Semiconductor industry.

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